Sunday, September 4, 2011


Whoopsies. I've been away from the computer for a bit. Probably because of my awesome new iphone :) either way I tried a few new things this week:

Messy-ish bun! It looks kinda like a fleur-de-lis so I call it my fleur-de-lis bun!

I also did these for my niece. Sorry for the blurriness. I used the Insta-Dri from Sally Hansen for the blue. It went on so nicely- it didn't need more than 1 coat. I also used the Kiss Brush-on Nail Art Paint for the silver/sparkles and the black and white.

These were my fav this time around. Sooo cute! For these I used the Insta-Dri in white, the Kiss Brush-on Nail Art Paint for the green and the white dots, and Revlon for the red.

That's all for now. Baby is calling me with his cute little grunts.

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Sara Shoemaker said...

wow you have some serious nail talent Bekah!! I love the cherries. I wish my hand was that steady. you could start advertising for girls in your ward and make some mula on the side! ;)