Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Story of the Buddha

Yes. I have a Buddha in my house. Right as you walk in. It's kindof big and has a candle on it.

Why you ask?

Well, one of my favorite things to do when there is nothing else to do is go to Target and walk around. It's one of the only places that I can trick Kendall into coming with me to.

So, we walk.
And look.
And see this Buddha.
And every time we go, Kendall takes the buddha and tries to sneak it into our cart. Nothing against Mr. Buddha or anything but it really doesn't go with my house decor. I'm going for that farm/country-ish look. Not that old world-ish look. So I put it back. And then on the next target trip Kendall tries to sneak it into our cart again. And again. And again.

So Buddha snuck into our cart last Christmas... and now sits in my entryway.

At least it's a good excuse to buy another candle. Right?


the tim gailey home said...

did you get it for christmas or did he just sneak it in during the christmas season? he might help contirbute to your look if you gave him a small pitch fork to hold and a buddha wife to sit next to him. then you could buy another candle, as well!

Sara Shoemaker said...

hahaha! funny story. I want to have Target walk-abouts with Will lol gosh we miss you guys. I want to go back to Arizona! Anyway, yes I am still at Olive Garden. I love it! how's raising baby Harrison??

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