Monday, August 8, 2011


My dog is an awesome dog. She can be very cuddly, doesn't jump up or bark hardly at all and is the sweetest thing ever. Except... for when someone comes to the door. She goes crazy and growls and barks. Which is actually kind-of nice for when unwanted robbers may come lurking. But not so great when the baby is asleep.

With Harrison finally starting to nap more regularly {kinda}, my door has been frequently knocked upon and my doorbell rung (and I usually never had anyone come to the door prior to baby). Luckily, it has yet to have woken the sleeping baby {NEVER NEVER EVER WAKE THE SLEEPING BABY!} But, I knew it would inevitably happen.

Therefore, I decided to make a sign to put up, that way I can at least try to avoid him being woken up as much as possible.

I thought it was pretty cute and with the way my door handle hangs and the size of the sign, hanging on the doorbell is pretty much the only place to put it.
I figured that someone still has to knock. How else would I know someone was there? But, at least the doorbell wouldn't be rung.


I guess this sign interprets to "PLEASE ring the doorbell THREE times just in case we didn't hear you the first time!!!"

I guess my sign is a little too nice. What do you think?

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Sara Shoemaker said...

such a cute sign! I bet that would be extremely frustrating. to quote stephanie from Full House, "how RUDE!" lol. maybe add something like..please refrain from using the doorbell while baby is asleep! :)
and I wish we lived closer too, I miss the gang so much! we are totally having a HP marathon when julia gets home. so ya I definitely want to see you next time we're in az! I haven't even seen Harrison yet :(