Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Half-way Sprung

Spring has come to my little garden in the front of my house. I love how beautiful my snapdragons are! As you can see, I planted a lot of them this year because I love them so much!

I hadn't had any issues with weeds in the front area ever since we moved in and cleared them all out but this year they snuck up on me. {isn't that a word?}

Anyways I'm pretty lazy and the baby started crying when I was 90% done weeding so this is what my front looks like from Friday:

Then I have this tricky spot that doesn't get enough sun so nothing but my lantana grows here:

It would probably be good if I watered these huh? yeahhh...

Then there's the other part of the front yard... not so springy
Our huge ficus bushes froze this last winter. I've been begging the hubbs to cut them down since I've been out of commission but he's been busy having fun on his dirtbike. So here they are, our ugly dead bushes with a little bit of green at the bottom:

And who ever thought that these plants would ever look good? Seriously? It's like I have 4 little mini Cousin IT babies living in my front yard.

So ugly.

My yard needs a little TLC and Spring-ing up. I'm on it.


Sara Shoemaker said...

don't you just love spring?? I wish we had all those pretty plants blooming up here.. I'm so impressed you have a garden!

House of Shoes

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, those Snapdragons are just SO cheerful!!! They make me smile. : )

Alicia said...

1.) I love your snapdragons! They are my favorite. Seriously. We had them in my backyard as a kid so they remind me of my childhood.

2.) All my lantanas froze this year and I had to chop them down to the bottom too. I feel your pain. Not fun to look at OR to chop down!