Monday, September 20, 2010

This week!

So I'm at least getting to a weekly post. eh? eh?

Haven't done much with my door yet. I took off the handles which was quite a feat actually because whoever painted this stupid door painted it with like 5 layers of paint over the handles and all of the screws. So we had to basically chip through the paint just to find the screws and then peel things off. And somewhere a saw was involved courtesy of El Guapo.

I want to finish it. I do... but now that I have to sand it all down and repaint it, I am dragging my feet a little.

I busted out my fall decor! Sooo exciting. I love fall and winter. I am already saving for Christmas!!!! Which really, isn't far away so don't give me that "really?" look. Think about it, all of the great deals are on Black Friday, which is a whole month before christmas so really, I'm only two months away. And I'm determined to save up my money this year so I can spend more on lights!

Last year we only bought TWO strings of lights which brought us to a total of a whopping five strings altogether. UNacceptable. I'd rather spend more on decorations and lights than on presents. {SERIOUSLY}. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Anyways, fall has made an appearance at my house. I think I'll take some pictures but really, it's pretty low key right now because I wanted to gradually build it all up to Thanksgiving where it will {hopefully} be cooler out and I can wear my UGGS!

UGGs, yet another thing that I am obsessed with.

Ask anyone, I would (and most of the time do) wear my UGGs 24/7 365. So comfy and warm and perfect and $20 bucks at last chance since my feet are kids sized! Trust me, if you got a deal like that, you'd wear them all the time too.

Anyways...that's it for now :)


Chera Pierson said...

We don't even have a tree. We gave ours away last year when we moved to Calgary. We don't have much money to spend on a big tree, but I am going to at least talk my husband into us getting a small pre-lit a 4ft-6ft...Crossing my fingers!

I have some of my fall stuff out too! Some of it I need to repaint and then I will put it out.

Reflections of Heart said...

I'm sure you will start feeling so much better with the nights cooling down and the feel of fall in the air. Have you bought any pumpkins yet? I havn't told you congrats yet on your pregnancy and how excited we are for you. You mentioned Last chance! I so love the deals at that place especially with a fantastic find! Happy Fall to you and here's to cooler weather on the way!

J+K said...

Seriously. You could at least tell your blog what kind of baby it is:)