Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ring Christmas Bells

This semester, I signed up to be in the institute choir. I've been in band for 9 years and haven't done anything for the past three- I forgot how fun it is to perform and have a concert to invite everyone to! We performed this year at the Temple Lights and it was so beautiful and fun!

It was cold out so a lot of us wore our coats/hats/scarves like the Arizona wimps we are:

P.s. those cute beanie'd and scarf'd people in front of us was the bell choir we sang with Bella Musica.

Here I am second in from the right on the bottom row. Too bad you can't see my fabulous tights in the picture. I bought them just for this concert :)

It was a nice and {Christmasy} night. It's nice to finally not feel guilty singing those Christmas songs that El Guapo and I have been singing since July haha oops.

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