Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Ok. My Grinchiness is now cured. It is officially the first day of December. Commence Christmas carols {oops. we've been singing those since July...} Decorating, and Hot Chocolate {with peppermint}:

Thanksgiving was fun. Ironically, even though El Guapo was off of work for Thursday thru Sunday, we ended up spending a lot of time apart, doing our respective girls and guys activities. Gotta love the stache!

Here I am at the house after finishing my Lemon Mirengue Pie :) This year I added vanilla, cream of tarter, and a little bit of melted marshmellow and let me say, delicious!

And we can't forget this little devil in disguise!

Who would think that this cutie has been peeing ALL OVER MY HOUSE!?!? We are trying a new technique to rid him of this nasty habit. Aparently, cats won't pee where their food is. So his food is now in the middle of my front room.

As for projects, My most recent was one that I saw on {the Inspired Room}
My sisters and I did this one together, and let me say, after 2 serious burns from the hot glue gun, I am glad it is finished.

It's a simple wreath made from old book pages :)

Love it!


greatgoogamooga said...

So cute! And that wreath is nice too. :P hehe!

Sarah said...

I totally love my wreath too! I wish mine was by my bookshelf, but we can't have everything in life. Thank you for all your work on these. I know you did 90% of the job. Muchas gracias.

the time gailey home said...

is that pie the one you said you'd make for me? good luck in your singing tonight. and sorry i was like a death eater (is that what they are called?) and sucked all the happiness out of your life on monday. who knew it was actually true balance was regquired with happiness and miserable-ness?