Monday, September 14, 2009

Sad day

I wanted to post a good blog but today I feel so heavy and sad. I feel kind of stupid since I'm not really involved but I can't help but feel like this when so many sad things happen.

When I used to dance, I had made a lot of friends and connections and hung out with them almost every day. One of the people I had met and hung out with a few times ended up taking his own life this Sunday morning. I didn't know him well but I had danced and talked with him a few times. I even hung out at the pool on Friday night with a friend and he was there.
I know that I wasn't close to him but I just feel so sad that he felt so alone that he abandoned his life.

On top of that, they found the body of that poor Yale student that was supposed to get married on Sunday.

And Patrick Swayze passed away.

It seems silly for this to get to me. But I can find no other explanation for my feelings.

Tomorrow will be better but I am going to remember them all today.


J&&K said...

death is such a hard thing for us mere mortals to grasp. Luckily we can know that now they are no longer in pain. Thank goodness for that

Inside A Book said...

My tender heart hurts for your tender heart! What a blessing to have compassion as you do and to feel things so deeply. It's the mark of a beautiful person!!

I hope you find your sunshine soon!
Lots of Love!