Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sorry Again...

I know I know. I said I would be better with my posting. For some reason, this week was really hard to find the motivation to post. I had free time but I spent it all sleeping and reading Harry Potter.
Did a few more photoshoots with Jennie lately. It turned out nicely I think. I'm getting more into the photog. I want to do some {artsy pictures} without people in them so that I can blow them up and put them around my house. I have so many pictures that need to be hung up. Maybe that's what I will do tomorrow...hmm.

Anyways here is a sneak peak of the Jennie shoot. We shot eachother back and forth and it was pretty fun. 

Kendall and I are getting a lot done in our house that we have been waiting to do for a while now. We ordered our new sectional (YAY!), got a new TV (47"), got a new computer (about time, stupid laptops), and on Monday, we have a guy coming out to move our back wall forward to get rid of all of the useless front yard space we have.

It's so interesting how things happened- I was so negative and feeling down about how everyone had to sit on the floor every time we had a family gathering. And that day, when i'd finally had enough, we got the go ahead and were able to go and order our new sectional! YAY. 

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Elizabeth Larson said...

awesome! I am so glad that you are getting into photography again, you are soooo good at it!! Love the pictures, they are way cute!