Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wet Polish Wednesday

Wet Polish today! Yay. No wardrobe again. Still working on that one.

I saw these on Pinterest (of course) and had to try them:

They are fun and weren't too difficult! Bright and kind-of Easter-y!

As for other happenings around here, this is what you get when you ask my husband for a glass of water:

A vase. Full of water. A vase of water.

He is ridiculous <3


kmcruisin said...

A vase because you are his flower! ;) Cute nails, too. Hope you get to feeling better this week.

clarisa said...

hahahahaha! love the vase. have to admit, i didn't know it was a vase until after i read it. i guess the mason jar should have provided a clue. hope you drank it all!

and love the nails! they are soooooo cute!

Amy said...

Ha ha! That is funny!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

Ha ha LOVE that! At least he put a straw and ice in?! HA!

vanessa (the gal) said...

cute nails!! i'm thinking of going green {on my nails} for St. Patty's Day!

xo's, vanessa

Danielle said...

Fabulous nails!! Loving your blog!

Bad Joan said...

Love your nails!