Monday, July 18, 2011

The boy who lived... or cried

Babykins is in his own room now and it's a bittersweet relief. I'm happy that he is only waking up once a night to eat and is taking great naps but I'm sad that my baby isn't right next to me at night. Ahhhh well, I'm sure once I get used to it {I keep on waking up thinking he is going to need to eat} I will enjoy being able to sleep for more than 4 hours in a row!

I'm finally getting into a summer routine. I've been working out, swimming more, reading, {painting nails- my fav!}, and shopping of course. It's nice to finally enjoy the time I get to stay at home.

I made a trip to goodwill and made some excellent finds for some future crafting. I will have to take pictures and post later. My next big project is a gallery wall for my front room. I'm going to be ordering a few canvases and I think the picture above is going to have to be one of them! My Father in Law did an amazing photoshoot with Harrison and myself when he was 3 months old and I am so excited to hang up the pictures!

Anyways, not much else going on {other than HARRY POTTER!!!! Only the most important summer event ever}. My sister in law has a screen printing machine and so we made Harrison this awesome onesie:

Glasses courtesy of amazon (I wore them to the theater) and lightening bolt courtesy of yours truly.

He is Harrison Power... Harry Power...Harry Potter... okay close enough. {but we won't be calling him Harry}

Anyways we had some fun with this whole thing. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the midnight showing but my SIL also made some shirts for us all to wear (I don't have a photo uploaded yet) so we wore them and had a fun time on Saturday morning. Soooo good. I can still remember going to the midnight book releases and staying up all night to finish reading. I don't think I will find another series as good as Harry Potter. I'll just have to keep re-reading them :)


Elizabeth Larson said...

Dude- amazing. I LOVE the Harrison Power Harry Potter bit! You did an awesome job with his glasses and lighting bolt- you are seriously cute! Love you, miss you!!

Sara Shoemaker said...

hahaha harry power! that kid is so lucky his initials are HP. You seriously crack me up bekah haha I miss you! that onesie is incredible. And I agree I don't think there will be a series that good again. I'm so sad it's over!

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Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

This is SO stinkin' cute!!! Love it! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to see you again soon! xo, Reannah

lauryn said...

ok i am a huge harry potter fan. i love this! thanks for the sweet notes on my page! i love your blog and am now following!

{love} lauryn @