Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opposite Day

No. My baby has not been screaming for several hours a day for an entire week.

No. I did not cry almost every day.

No. I did not eat an entire pound of bacon by myself.


Sara Shoemaker said...

haha this was such a clever title. I even showed Will cause it was so funny. I hope things get better though Bekah!! ah the joys of motherhood right? :)

House of Shoes

Liz said...

I feel ya. I count down the hours 'til Dan gets home from work. Today was a real eye opener for him. "This is why I'm crazy when you get home."

Alicia Marie said...

If that was your week, you deserved the bacon. :) I hope this next week is better for you.

Sara Shoemaker said...

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