Sunday, January 30, 2011

Money Smarts

Kendall and I have been working really hard to get ready for this baby. Not just baby-wise but financially-wise. As my due date approaches and I look back on what we have accomplished over the past 8 months, I am pretty impressed! We have...

Paid off his dirtbike
Paid off Kay Jewelers
Paid off ASU
Paid off a Credit card
Gotten current on all of our bills

and we will be paying off another credit card by the time baby gets here...

Considering that we've done all of this while Kendall switched jobs and while getting ready for the baby, I feel pretty good!


Melissa said...

That is so awesome! That's a very impressive list of accomplishments! You go! What a lucky baby to have such awesome parents. :)

Elizabeth Larson said...

First of all, my blog has issues and never told me you updated your blog! I am so glad I checked it- I LOVE your to do list (I think to-do lists involving getting ready for babies are AWESOME!). Secondly, I am so proud of you sis! What a great accomplishment you and Kendall have made! Keep up the good work and remember, the harder you cut back now, the more money you will have to spend later!! XOXO Love you!!!

Alicia said...

Congratulations on the pay offs! Husband and I are currently working on that too. Need to get his car and my wedding ring paid for... Bills, bills, bills.

When are you due?