Saturday, December 11, 2010

short and sweet

I know I already mentioned this but... I LOVE CHRISTMAS. i have pine scented candles burning almost constantly while i listen to Christmas music on pandora. ahhh pandora.
I still need to work on my christmas shopping. funny how i had all this money and did all this shopping on black friday yet, i only bought a few gifts and the rest was decorations and lights for my house. Hopefully after today's trip to the mall (yikes- we are braving all the crazies out there) I will feel a little more satisfied with my progress on that long list.

baby is doing great. he kicks me all day and i love the reassurance that he's happy and feeling fine. i'll be 26 weeks on monday.
i've been thinking about staying at home when i have the baby versus working. I'd really appreciate all of your input on this because it's nice to have different points of view on this. I think i've mostly made my decision but I'd still like to hear what you think.


Smith said...

I've done both after having Nathan. And I am totally for staying home. I feel like I missed Nathan's new born and infant stages and I'll never get them back.

Tiffany said...

it was a hard decision to walk away from my job after i had Maeve, but i would never change it. I love being a stay at home mom and doing things on mine and hers schedule. its the most rewarding job ive ever had.

im SO excited that you are a mommy now and i cant wait to see your little guy in a few months!

Elizabeth Larson said...

Being home with your child is the HARDEST job you will ever have, but the most rewarding. I have told Cort before and I would say this again and again: I would rather live in a small house, 3 kids to 1 room if necessary, have more meager things and make due with what we have to stay home with my kids. The older they get, the more comfortable I am with working part time and doing other things from home- I would do what I have to do, but if you CAN stay home, stay home. If you have to work, try something that would work for the baby too. AND most importantly, PRAY about it. You will get an answer and feel more confident with what you need to do. Love you Sis! You'll do the right thing.

Sarah said...

Stay home, stay home, stay home! Did I mention staying home? Not that I don't want to babysit adorable little babe, but you will never get back those precious moments. No video or picture can replace the lost moments that you will cherish in your heart forever. It will be hard, some days you will wish you could go to work, but it will be SO worth it in the end. Babies bring such joy. You don't want to miss a moment of it.

the tim gailey home said...

Once you start working after the baby, it will be harder for you to cut back again to staying at home,... the extra income, the socializing... when will you ever be "stable enough" not to work? You might as well just stay home to begin with, if you can find a way to. your baby only has one infancy. but only you can really know the right answer for your family. good luck.