Thursday, April 22, 2010

New bookmarks!

I made a few new bookmarks... and learned some things.

1. Do not try and sew words with the sewing just sucks and is too hard.
2. Glue is not your friend in this situation.
3. Flatness is key to success.
4. Hand stitching may take a while, but looks preeeettty.

Needless to say it was eventful making these two pretties.

I already had everything at home. The plain fabric was 2$ at Walmart (the cheap cheap fabric that is perfect for bookmarks!) and the fancy fabric was like 3$ At Joanns. The fancy sparkly button was off of a cardigan that was given to me and I loved it, but my dryer ate it... Soooo, I cut off the buttons for crafting! The other buttons and beads were from a jumbo pack I bought for like 3$ at Walmart too.

The lace was from my grandma's old craft supply {can you believe she used to run a craft shop?} I have a lot of treasures left over from her shop. It is so neat to be able to use her things.

All in all probably cost like .50 cents considering the amount of each thing I used :)
It's a shame it took like 2 hours haha.

This one is Tres bon!

With a cute little tassel:

And I'd like to call this one the "Sophisticated Owl"

I don't know about you but I find it hilarious to see an owl say "whom"...

I have a bunch of funny ideas for a few more... if I ever get the time to!

Special thanks to {Fallen}, for the modeling of your mysterious pages.

I'm linking up!

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Sarah said...

You should take a pic of the bookmark you made me. I love it!

J&&K said...

Whom! Haha so funny! I Love It!

Aimee & Josh Jensen said...

I explained it awhile ago but now can't find which post i did but its a Neuro Emotional Technique to cleanse your body of emotional an emotion that is Stuck

Melissa said...

The owl is funny!! He makes me smile...he is cute too...

Cierra said...

Cute bookmarks! Love it! Happy Friday:0)

the tim gailey home said...

hey, tee's birthday is in june. he is turning 12, loves to read, uses his old spelling tests papers for bookmarks, and his mom is REALLY thinking she won't get to do you think you could make one for tee?

Gay Vaughan said...

Thank you for joining my hodgepodge party! I love it! I hope you will join again.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Thanks for linking up--what a great little gift idea!