Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something old, Something new...

So this weekend was my friend Alli's bridal shower. I decided to do something for her that was done to me by my best friend Kendilyn. I made her a basket of something old, new, borrowed, and blue. It was really fun and I know that when I got one given to me, I felt like it was thoughtful and even better than anything off of my registry!

So here it is!

Something Old: A picture of Alli and I from a year and a half ago.
Something New: A bottle of Strawberry Pomegranite Italian Soda and two Martini glasses!

Something Borrowed: A basket that was given to me as borrowed :)

And Something Blue: A blue notebook and mini notepad for wedding to-dos and whatnots.

And here is the final product all put together:

It was really fun putting it together for her. Her bridal shower was really fun! She's so cute with her toilet paper veil/headband.


the gaileys said...

i like the clothes pins. that is cute

kendilyn said...

YAY! im glad I could have some kind of assistancne and motivation to you! :) haha. You are great!! so cute!